Friendly Insulators based in Vernon, British Columbia, an environmentally conscious insulation contractor.  We believe in using products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  With the cost of heating a home steadily on the rise, picking the right type of insulation is more important than ever.  Equally important is choosing the right insulation contractor.  We take pride in providing the home owner with unmatched workmanship with high quality products.  We proudly say "we do insulation right".

Friendly Insulators only uses cellulose insulation.  Our insulation manufacturer is Can-Cell Industries located in Edmonton, Alberta.

WeatherShield and WallBar Insulation endowed with multiple environmental benefits produced in a virtually waste-free manufacturing process, consisting of 85% recycled content

  • Post-Consumer: Post-consumer material is generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of a product that can no longer be used for its intended purpose.
  • Pre-Consumer: Pre-consumer material is often defined as material that has been diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process. Materials generated in a process and capable of being reclaimed within the same process (such as rework, regrind or scrap) are excluded.
  • One truckload of insulation saves 10 tonnes of paper heading to the landfill, making this a truly environmentally friendly product.

    WeatherShield and WallBar Insulation

    WeatherShield and WallBar Insulation and Friendly Insulators, the choice is Natural!